Maclin burns the Bengals

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Mansur Shaheen

The Baltimore Ravens absolutely destroyed the Cincinnati Bengals during their week one match up. They held their NFC North rival in check as they won their opener 20-0. The game was a slow punt off for a majority of the first half until Jeremy Maclin finally broke the game open late in the first half with a long touchdown on a catch and run.

Cincinnati crowds the line of scrimmage to send the house on a third down blitz. Joe Flacco lines up in shot gun with two receivers spread out to his left, and another in the slot. The Bengals trust their corners immensely, as they leave them all one on one with absolutely no help what so ever in man coverage.

Baltimore runs a simple slant/flat combo, and Maclin breaks free from his man with help from a screen by another receiver. Flacco gets the ball to him quickly before the Bengals mass pass rush can do anything. Maclin makes the catch and is off to the races for a touchdown that changed the rest of the game.


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