Quickhits: Patrick Mahomes turns head with impressive deep bomb on the run

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Mansur Shaheen

Patrick Mahomes is the most exciting quarterback prospect in the NFL today. The Chiefs first round pick has a cannon for an arm and the full confidence that he can make every throw. We will not see much of him in 2017, as he will develop underneath long-time starter Alex Smith for his rookie year. Though, after an impressive and dazzling preseason, many around the league are excited to see what the rookie may have to offer down the line.

He had an up and down game against the Titans to close out his rookie preseason. Mahomes made a few mistakes, but he also made a few flashy plays that caught the attention of the entire league. His second quarter completion to Demarcus Robinson was probably the most impressive of the night.

Mahomes took the snap from under center and ran a play action. He had a clean pocket in front of him as he went through his progressions. The rookie managed to look off the safety as he scanned the left side of the field, and then scrambled to his right as the protection broke down. He made his way towards the right sideline and managed to fire off an absolute bomb to his receiver while getting hit on the run. The pass was completed and Mahomes finished off his rookie preseason in epic fashion.


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