Quickhit: More Costly Interceptions for Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Mansur Shaheen

Down only seven early in the fourth quarter, the New York Jets had a legitimate chance to pull an upset off against the Seattle Seahawks. They had started a decent drive, and had the ball around mid-field, hoping to drive down the field and tie the game. Then Ryan Fitzpatrick did what he does best.

Throw costly interceptions in the fourth quarter.

Just like his interceptions last week, and many of the ones throughout his career, this was another example of Fitzpatrick throwing a ball where he shouldn’t have and it getting intercepted. Bilal Powell (#29) lined up beside Fitzpatrick in the backfield, while Brandon Marshall (#15)  up on top with Richard Sherman (#25) across him. We are going to address the bottom of the formation as much as Fitzpatrick did on this play and just ignore it.


Upon the snap, Powell ran an out route and was picked up by KJ Wright (#50) in the flat. It looks as though Fitzpatrick looked towards Powell first and saw that he was covered and chose to throw the ball elsewhere. Elsewhere being the next receiver that entered his vision, Marshall. Marshall ran a vertical route and was being locked up by Sherman the whole way. Fitzpatrick attempts a back shoulder throw, a pass that makes it extremely hard for a corner to make a play on the ball. Marshall was turned around and unaware though, and Sherman jumps the route for an easy interception.

Fitzpatrick had good protection on the play as his offensive line managed to handle the four Seahawks who rushed on the play.

He did not allow any of his receivers to let their routes truly develop, and ignored an entire side of the field. There was no reason to force a pass downfield, as it was first down anyways. Fitzpatrick just through it where ever he wanted not caring for the ball, and it costed his team.

The Jets quarterback now has thrown 10 interceptions in the first four games of the season, no one other than him and Jameis Winston (8) have more than 6. He threw three in this game, all in the fourth quarter, and let the game get out of reach for the Jets.

A Jets team that hoped to fight for a playoff spot this season find themselves at 1-3 so far this season, and all though the losses have come against tough teams, it may be time for them to evaluate their personnel at all positions on the field, especially quarterback.


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